BE PART, ROPE – Ief Spincemaille,Festival de Marseille, Marseille,

Rope is a giant rope that travels the world, creating an unexpected bond with the people who meet it, who welcome it into their homes, into their neighbourhoods, who live with it. Rope was born in the frame of a previous European project in Belgium and Italy.  The Festival de Marseille extends and develops a new form to this project involving a larger network of partners among local communities during two years.

Rope is a handmade rope that is 60 metres long and 28 centimetres in diameter, and weighs 180 kilos. Although Rope represents only an impenetrable and elusive part of reality, its very presence is enough to grasp the world differently. Rope is part of a series of works that Ief Spincemaille calls social sculptures: disproportionately large objects with no intrinsic value that, when interacting with a given social context, take on new meanings and shed new light on their surroundings. After having crossed Marseille in August, a shorter Rope will continue to travel around Marseille and keep a travel diary on his blog with the help of the cocreators.

A participative project in collaboration with the Estaque nautical base, les Rameurs de Marseille, the Parc Kallisté 1 and 2 primary schools, ADDAP13, the Kallisté La Granière social centre, Coco Velten, La Cloche, Groupe SOS, l’Après M, the Grand Saint-Antoine social centre, Foresta, Alliance savinoise, l’association des locataires de Font Vert and l’association Dihya… Accompanied by IRTS and VOST Collectif.

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Festival de Marseille, 14.10.2021, fieldwork

ROPE - Lef Spincemaille - Photo © Pierre Gondard

Festival de Marseille, ROPE - Lef Spincemaille - Photo © Pierre Gondard, 14.10.2021, fieldwork

Festival de Marseille, 14.10.2021, fieldwork

Festival de Marseille, 14.10.2021, fieldwork