BE PART, Everything Is All Right: A Participatory Performance Exploring the Hidden Curriculum,City of Women, Ljubljana,

As part of BEPART project activities, City of Women and Ljubljana Puppet Theatre have
joined hands in 2020 for the production of a participatory performance, currently entitled Vse
je v redu (Everything Is All Right) and scheduled for premiere in October 2021 at the 27 th City
of Women festival.

The performance is going to be directed by dancer, performer, choreographer, and teacher
Nataša Živković, and co-authored by Teja Reba and Tea Hvala. Preparations for this exciting
creative process began in October 2020 at the Krušče Creative Center residency where Nataša
Živković and Tea Hvala formed the artistic team. Among others, it includes director’s
assistant art pedagogue Sara Šabec, scenographer Urša Vidic, and musicians Neža Dobrovoljc
and Niki Lapkovski.

Between February and October 2021, the artistic team is going to collaborate with eleven
high-school students selected at an audition. Together, they are going to explore the unspoken
dimensions of schooling known as the “hidden curriculum” by asking: what else, besides the
things written in textbooks, did we learn in school; which knowledge and habits got under our
skin there so much that we no longer notice them; how would school classes look like if we
observed them from far distance, as if watching a film without sound or subtitles? And finally,
what kind of schools do we want?

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City of Women, 18.06.2021, fieldwork

Sara Šabec (left) and Nataša Živković and Eva Prodan (right) Photo: Veronika Štefančič

City of Women, Sara Šabec (left) and Nataša Živković and Eva Prodan (right) © Photo: Veronika Štefančič, 18.06.2021, fieldwork