BE PART, Essia Jaïbi – Tunisian Queer Play,L'Art Rue, Tunis,

Within the framework of the Tunisian Queer Play project initiated by the Mawjoudin Association in April 2021, the Tunisian director and playwright Essia Jaïbi is invited to develop a theatrical creation during two writing and dramaturgy residencies of one and two weeks in November and December 2021 at L’Art Rue.

This project, the first of its kind in Tunisia, is an attempt to approach Queer as a culture, a movement, an orientation through a theatrical creation, based on a Tunisian reality and which will develop through a process of research, writing and fictional creation.

A co-production of the Mawjoudin Association and L’Art Rue, and co-financed by the Drosos Foundation.

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L'Art Rue, 18.01.2022, fieldwork

L'Art Rue, 18.01.2022, fieldwork