BE PART, International Assembly II,City of Women, 09.10.2021 — 11.10.2021

Saturday, 9.10

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City of Women, Saturday, 9.10, 07.10.2021, events

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City of Women, Sunday, 10.10, 07.10.2021, events

Monday, 11.10

● 10.00–13:00 (Old Power Station – Main Hall): Partners’ meeting (protocol
presentation and implementation possibilities)
● 15.00–18.00 (Old Power Station – Main Hall): ATLAS, multimedia happening by the
ATLAS Collective and talk with the collective; moderated by Teja Reba
● 18.00–19:00 (Old Power Station – Main Hall): Newsreel 80 – Metka, Meki, screening
of the film by Nika Autor*

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City of Women, Monday, 11.10, 07.10.2021, events

Graphic design by Vesna Bukovec

City of Women, Graphic design by Vesna Bukovec, 07.10.2021, events