BE PART, ANNETTE KRAUSS – Hidden Curriculum,City of Women, 05.10.2021

The exhibition revolves around the question how high school students understand, engage with, and explore the hidden curriculum in their specific everyday school environment: what is taught and learned beyond the official curriculum without being necessarily visible.

Since 2007, this collaborative, workshop-based project initiated by Annette Krauss has involved students between the ages of 13 and 22 from several European countries. Using performance, interventions, drawing, discussions, and interview-formats, they commented on conventions and unwritten rules in their immediate environment, studied the socio-political structures that affect their school and reflected on their own actions and practices within it.

The exhibition features a new work, Everything is Alright, created in collaboration with high-school students from Slovenia.

Curated by Iva Kovač.

On view until 5 November.

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City of Women, 14.10.2021, events

Collectively Rocking Chairs video still

City of Women, Collectively Rocking Chairs video still, 14.10.2021, events