BE PART, A Pact with Waters – Commoning with Sejoumi,Natural Contract Lab, L'Art Rue, 04.10.2023 — 06.10.2023

How can we reactivate people’s emotional memory and empathy about Sebkhet Sejoumi? How can we think together about water governance ? How to reconnect the living around this wetland to create alliances, desires for commitment and mobilization, and thus take care of the living ?

These questions are at the heart of the work of Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and the collective Natural Contact Lab.

After the first stage of work consisting of mapping and raising awareness of the issue of environmental rights with activists and local communities, this work took more relational and sensitive forms : landscape observation walks, creation of a water agora, reciprocal care… In the form of intervention and nomadic performance, A Pact with Waters – Commoning with Sejoumi is above all a meeting and a common question on how to continue to live in a damaged world.

A Pact with Waters – Commoning with Sejoumi is part of the fieldwork trajectory by Natural Contract Lab hosted by L’art Rue in Tunis (TN).

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Natural Contract Lab, L'Art Rue, 26.07.2023, events

Natural Contract Lab, L'Art Rue, © Malek Abderrahman, 26.07.2023, events